6 Ways To Find New Books

6 Ways to Find New Books

I am constantly looking for new books to read. I love reading articles about highly anticipated books, and I love to forecast which books are going to generate buzz.

Book forecasting is like a sport for me; if there ever is professional betting on which books will become popular after they’re released, I’d be all in!

The books that catch my interest are usually the to-be-published ones. Here are 6 sources that alert me to new upcoming books:

The BookBub Blog

This website is a free service that helps spread the word about books and where to get the best deals on them. Their blog posts are a wealth of information on new books. Most recently, they published an article called 18 of the Best Psychological Thrillers Coming Summer 2018.

Books 1

Modern Mrs. Darcy

Anne is a bookworm and a blogger, and her blog is beautiful. She just published an article on The 2018 Summer Reading Guide which is full of really interesting books.

Books 2


My fellow bloggers always give me good suggestions on new books! This post has my best blogger resources.

Bloggers that I admire (1)

Buzz Books by Publisher’s Lunch

I absolutely love this series by Publisher’s Lunch. The latest collection of 2018 Fall/Winter Buzz Books is *LIT*! The excerpts are served in generous portions. They are larger than appetizer size, and more like a small plate size that leaves you wishing that it came as an entire entree. The samples made me crave so many of the books, and I devoured them like a starving bookworm. The carefully curated selections are offerings for audiences and genres in all shapes and sizes. I am especially looking forward to The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides, Family Trust by Kathy Wang, The 7 ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton, Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough, Lies by T.M Logan, Leave No Trace by Mindy Mejia, and Liane Moriarty’s new book. The Fall/Winter 2018 Publishing Preview list also tempts you with tantalizing titles and leaves you interested in many more upcoming books.

Books 3

Social Media

Twitter and Instagram give me ideas for new books, too. I first learned about Mindy Mejia’s new book, Leave No Trace, through Chelsea Humphrey of The Suspense is Thrilling Me’s tweet.

Books 4


My feed on Goodreads always inspires me to discover new reads.

Books 5

How do you find new books?

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  1. Although I’ve been on Goodreads for years and BookBub sends me things daily, I just recently discovered Buzz Books and I’m addicted! I love that they have different editions for genres and the included chapters do so much more than a simple summary ever could. So glad you included them in this list!

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  2. My first source is trusted bloggers. I also like Buzz Books and I use Edelweiss to get a sense of what’s coming out in upcoming months. They have so many search filters you can really narrow down what you’re interested in.

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      1. You’re exactly right- there’s a lot there. Mostly because it’s for book sellers and libraries. I just keep monkeying around with the filters- what subject (subsets of fiction for me, but there are so many options!), format (hardcover), and type (front list, unless I’m looking for paperbacks). I keep going until l have a reasonable number of options to look at!


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