About Me

Hi! My name is Abby. Welcome to my blog. I live in Sacramento, California. When I’m not working, spending time with family and friends, cooking, baking or running, I’m an avid reader.

Because my time is limited, I always agonize over which book to read next. I’m sure you do too. If you’re like me, I hope this blog makes your decision a little easier next time.

I’m a fiction fangirl. I like to read contemporary fiction, mysteries, thrillers, literary fiction, general fiction, and the occasional chick-lit sprinkled in between. I am afraid of horror books and avoid them. I do not seek supernatural, science fiction/fantasy and non-fiction books although occasionally they do catch my eye.

I do not receive money for my reviews. I review books because I love to read and share my thoughts on them. I am a NetGalley reviewer member and I review books on Edelweiss.

I prefer reading ebooks because it’s easy, portable, and environment-friendly. I like recommending books to my local library.

Thank you to my husband Eric for naming my blog and helping me to set it up.

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My favorite Facebook page on books is the RW Bookclub, based on Reese Witherspoon’s book recommendations.

Another favorite is the Facebook Silent Book Club group.

You can contact me by email: abbywd@gmail.com.

I’m looking forward to sharing my reading adventures with you!