6 Book Bloggers that I Admire

Bloggers that I admire (1)In addition to reading and writing, I spend a fair amount of time on reading blogs. There are SO MANY out there! I am so inspired by the blogosphere. I learn something from every single post whether it’s adding a new book to my TBR, understanding another reader’s perspective on a book that I’ve read, or learning blogging skills.

I am highlighting 6 bloggers today, but this will be a continuing series because there are so many bloggers that are amazing!

Here are 6 bloggers that I admire, and why:

Meggy ~ Chocolate n Waffles

Blogger 1I love Meggy’s reviews. She has engaging, thought-provoking reviews on her books. She has stellar analysis and writing skills and she reads really good books! She is excellent at articulating why she likes a book, and reasons why she doesn’t. I usually find myself nodding in agreement while reading her reviews. Meggy *always* comments back when you leave a comment on her post – she is on it!

Lynne ~ Fictionophile

Blogger 2Lynne is one of the very first bloggers that I encountered when I started blogging. She gave me some very helpful tips, including a suggestion to join Edelweiss and assured me that it’s not as daunting as it seems. She is right! Lynne has excellent book reviews, observations, and entertaining posts. She always finds the perfect images that compliment her posts. She is a former librarian, a great writer, very active on Goodreads and a master at using Twitter.

Amy ~ Novelgossip 

Blogger 3Amy’s reviews are amazing and the books that she selects are very excellent. Her observations are spot on, and she articulates things that I’m able to feel but sometimes not able to put into words. I trust her choices in books and her reviews. When she says that a book is worth reading, take her word for it. I do.

Alyssa Marie ~ A Reader’s Journey

Blogger 4When I first started blogging, I encountered another blogger named Alyssa Marie, and she seemed to be just starting out, like me. However, very quickly her knowledge and ability has far surpassed skyrocketed mine, and she behaves like a very experienced blogger that has been around for years and years. I love how she mixes her book review posts with blogging tips, tricks and tools. She’s branded her blog very well and it’s impressive. She’s very open and willing to share what she knows and I’ve learned a lot from her.

Trang ~ Bookidote

Blogger 5Trang is a co-host of Bookidote and all of their reviews are excellent. I love Trang’s insights on books and everything else. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks, and she does it with class and style. One of her recent posts includes the topic of age discrimination, and she even rates movies! The blog is beautiful and chic.

Chelsea ~ The Suspense is Thrilling Me 

Blogger 6Don’t you just love this blog name? It pulled me in right away because it’s my favorite genre. Chelsea co-hosts this blog that has great reviews, book insights, and she’s very funny and interactive. For example, one of her latest posts is called PIFM – Pick It For Me – where she invites people to comment/vote on what book she reads next. Fun!

What bloggers inspire you? Please recommend ones that I should follow by commenting below!

3 thoughts

  1. Wow, I am blushing! Never had I ever imagined someone who say such nice things about my little blog! Thank you so much! I’m still amazed people actually read my ramblings, haha! I’m really touched by your words, especially because I often feel less good than others because I’m not an English native speaker, therefore I can’t convey my feelings the best possible.
    I totally agree about the fabulous bloggers you mention! I have looked up to Cleo @cleopatralovesbooks.wordpress.com and Hayley @rathertoofondofbooks since I started. They taught me a lot!
    Thank you again for this, you made my day! (and believe me, in the middle of this crazy exams/presentations period, it’s hard to make me smile!!!) x

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    1. Your English is wonderful, and I wouldn’t have known that had you not mentioned it. You are amazing, and an inspiration to me. Thank you!


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