Book Review: The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda

My rating: 4 of 5 stars4 Stars

I received a copy of The Perfect Stranger through NetGalley for an honest review. Thank you to Simon & Schuster and to Megan Miranda for the opportunity.


I LOVED this book. I didn’t want to put it down. The characters are complex, and the plot has so many twists and turns. The writing is very vivid and descriptive, and there is a lot of suspense and strong character development. The reader also feels like s/he is right there alongside the main character, Leah Stevens, as she is experiencing each situation and uncovering more information.

Even Leah’s house ends up being a central part of the plot. At first it seems that Leah feels comfortable and safe in her home and enjoys all of its features, including the location near the lake, the view from the sliding glass door and the animals that live under her porch. As the book progresses and the plot builds, the house turns into something menacing as Leah pieces together what happened to her roommate, Emmy, and realizes she is being stalked. The stalker aspect had me on edge, too!

The only drawback is that there is not closure to all of the storylines in the book. The reader has to come to his/her own conclusions to some of the open questions.

READ THIS BOOK. I highly recommend it. I’m a big fan of suspenseful thrillers but this one definitely stands out. It blew me away. I was still thinking about the book for a long time after I finished. It’s very different than All The Missing Girls and I liked it even better.

This is my first NetGalley ARC and I’m so pleased to be writing this review.

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